Victoria, BC

Patricia Obee

"My commitment is to support individuals to recognize and utilize their strengths, live in congruence with their values, and actualize goals."



Patricia is Youth Worker and Counsellor, with a MA in Child and Youth Care, as well as a yoga instructor, 2-time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist (rowing, 2016). Patricia has diverse experience working with children, youth, and athletes. She specializes in nature-based, narrative, and somatic therapies and mindfulness-based-stress reduction, as well as trauma sensitive yoga. 

Counselling for Children and Youth

Provide support to children and youth experiencing mental health challenges through nature-based approaches to therapy, narrative therapy, somatic techniques, and mindfulness-based-stress-reduction approaches.

Counselling for Athletes

Provide support to athletes experiencing mental health challenges through in-person or online counselling services, as well as group seminars and presentations.

Risky Play Consulting and Professional Development Seminars

Provide consulting services for schools on how to implement risky play into their curriculum and physical environment, while also offering educational and risk-reframing seminars for staff and/or parents.  


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